Why Choose Us?

The reality of today’s market is a demand for unique, marketable developments delivered within very tight budget, schedule, and sustainability constraints. It is no longer acceptable to succeed on only one, or even two of these requirements. In this environment, Project Sponsors need leadership teams that have proven track records of success. Of equal importance is the ability of the leadership team to work effectively together from day one. We provide the personal and common experience and expertise to guide your project along the complex route of project development, and emerge with the highest probability of delivering a unique, sustainable, and marketable product within limits imposed by available budget, time and technology.


To meet these competing demands requires the vision to understand the concept the Project Sponsors support; a team of experts in all relevant fields required by the concept; and the ability to deliver the vision while faithfully respecting the Project’s budget and schedule. Orchestrating the project team toward common goals. Developing strategies and processes. Constantly monitoring progress and adapting to ever changing circumstances. The principles of TDM have consistently demonstrated the ability to do this on one-of-a-kind projects for some of the most demanding Owner/Developers in the world.